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November 9, 2017
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March is All About Madness! Real Estate Bidding Madness, That Is….
March 25, 2018

Smart Approaches & Streamlined Systems, the Fastest & Easiest Yet!

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Smart Approaches & Streamlined Systems

The Fastest & Easiest Yet!

The smartest approach to a possible home purchase in the coming year is to get your ducks in a row ahead of time. During each of the 20+ years that I have been helping people, I have also worked to streamline the process as much as possible for my clients. To start off 2018, each part of the process with me has never been faster or easier.

Here are some of the highlights you can take advantage of:

Streamlined Documentation Collection
– There’s no more need to print or fax most of the necessary documents anymore. Upload your digital documents safely and securely through our dedicated online file transfer portal.

Super Fast Turnaround Times
– Not only are my clients able to receive an official pre-approval commitment letter within 24 business hours of submitting their documentation, my team and I work fast throughout the entire process, from initial submission through closing.

Flexible Logistics
– Whether you work near or far, early or late hours, with the efficient systems we have set up, we can accommodate you. We can discuss whatever specific logistical needs you have.

Preemptive Information & Helpful Guidance
– With over 20 years of experience, I have seen a lot of transactions and know specific pitfalls to avoid. Whether you need early information on a specific coop or condo you are considering, or have other specific questions, I am here to help you from before your first bid and to after you close.

Don’t miss out on something due to lack of preparedness!

Contact me with your specific questions.