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January 31, 2018
Guardhill Provides Preliminary Mortgage Approvals in 24 Hours!
Guardhill Provides Preliminary Mortgage Approvals in 24 Hours!
April 18, 2018

March is All About Madness! Real Estate Bidding Madness, That Is….

Real Estate Bidding Madness - Keith Furer

Real Estate Bidding Madness – Making offers, they’re being rejected, try again, they’re being rejected again……

How can you beat the odds and get out of this cycle?

A proven method to raise your chances of having your bid accepted and put yourself in the next best position to paying cash is to include a fully underwritten pre-approval signed by an underwriter.

I don’t mean some computer generated page saying you are approved.

I mean an authentic pre-approval letter signed by a real underwriter. Seller’s love authentic pre-approval letters for a lot of reasons, including knowing that a bidder is legitimately approved and can move fast.

My team and I can produce an authentic pre-approval letter in 24 hours or less!

That’s because our underwriting team is on site!

Contact me to start the process to get your authentic pre-approval letter and to ask any of your own questions.

Find out more about our approaches and systems that can help you succeed.

END THE MADNESS NOW and get those offers accepted!

Best, Keith