Keith Furer
How to Get Your Offer Accepted in 2017
March 20, 2017
Keith Furer, Guardhill Financial
Specializing in Outside-the-Box Situations
August 1, 2017

Making Deals Easier to Close

Keith Furer, Mortgages

Clear today’s common hurdles faster and make closing easier with my help.

As we find ourselves in the middle of a very active 2017 Spring Market, hurdles to getting deals closed are everywhere, whether they include a ton of paperwork, or lengthy turnaround times.

With almost two decades of experience helping people in the home financing arena, I have encountered and created solutions for many of the hurdles most common today, see details below;

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Long Turn Around Times – SOLVED

– I always recommend to potential buyers to get pre-approved, which not only speeds up the WHOLE process, but also to give them the best chance of getting their offers accepted. Also, here at GuardHill, we have our own in-house underwriting department, so we can get approvals very, very quickly.

Complicated Financing – SOLVED

– In order to make a transaction work, sometimes out of the box solutions are necessary, like 90% financing, for example. This is one of the many ways that we can be flexible in accommodating your needs, we offer 90% financing and more. Contact me directly to find out details.

Alternative Financial Profiles – SOLVED

– Here at GuardHill, we specialize in getting difficult deals done.  I have successfully dealt with complex financial profiles of high net-worth individuals, profiles with limited or no credit, and even foreign nationals.

Difficult Buildings/Properties – SOLVED

– Over my career I have done a LOT of loans on apartments in this city, and have had to review a LOT of buildings. Thinking about a specific apartment? Get educated on the building itself and find out early about any potential issues. Contact me for a quick building check with details.

Maximize your chances of getting your offer accepted and ensure the smoothest process possible.

Clear the hurdles. 

Close faster. 

Call me today, Keith