Guardhill Financial Webinar – New Trends
Guardhill Financial Webinar – New Trends
June 4, 2020
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July 12, 2021

March Madness Has Hit Mortgage Rates!


Rates are Bouncing Higher, but are Still Low for the Moment

Have you been checking mortgage rates lately either to refinance or buy a new home?

If so, you know it’s madness!

While still at historically low levels, mortgage rates have started to bounce up due to rising bond yields and a strengthening economy. So, will this be a fast break for rates to move higher? No one knows how fast or how much interest rates will rise. I recommend you take action and try to score your best option now.

Playing Defense – Looking to Refinance?
Even if you already have a low mortgage rate or recently refinanced your mortgage, it is worth checking in with me to see what rate you can get today! In just a few minutes, I can evaluate your current situation to determine if you can benefit from a mortgage refinance.

Playing Offense – Looking to Purchase?
The purchase market is hot in the Tri-State Area and around the whole country, making it more challenging for some home buyers to make it to the Final Four and get their offers accepted.

To help you have the best chance of scoring and getting your bid accepted, my team and I can potentially provide you with a pre-approval letter in as little as 24 hours! Regardless of your game plan, contact me to find out about today’s rates and see if GuardHill can help with your financing needs.

The clock is already running, and you don’t want to miss your shot at a low-rate!

Best, Keith