The Best Combination of Rates and Service
February 10, 2022
For Better Rates, ARMs May Be the Right Choice Now
May 18, 2022

March is all about madness!


Real estate bidding madness that is!

Get out of the cycle of having your bids rejected.

To raise the chances of getting your bid accepted, include a fully underwritten pre-approval. Not some computer-generated page saying you are approved, but an authentic pre-approval letter signed by an actual underwriter.

This is the next best position to paying all cash for the property!

Sellers love authentic pre-approval letters for many reasons, including knowing that a buyer has been legitimately approved and can move quickly. 

My team and I can produce an authentic pre-approval letter for you in 24 hours or less (our underwriting team is on-site). 

Contact me today to start the process to get your authentic pre-approval letter and to ask any questions. 

END THE MADNESS NOW and get your offer accepted!

Best, Keith

P.S. – Please forward this on to anyone who could use my help!